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Date: Sat 25 Jan 1997 - 10:41:53 EET

Dave Pearton said:
>Well, the rest of the PNW/Seattle Farmers collective left for Choigago
>today so I suppose it's left for me to hold the fort.

Not so Dave, I'm stuck up here in rain Vancouver as well! Thats so typical of
you Buseri, so obsessed with looking up you miss whats in front of your nose,
not like a true Shargashi warrior who sees all in the cycle of rebirth (before I
hit it with my mace).

>The Alkothi campaign that you referred to is run by Pam Carlson and
>features the young scions of a noble house descended from Eusibis. No
>doubt Pam will expand on this more when she returns, but essnetially >Shargash
fills the role of the city father/culture god in Alkoth as well as his >more
general role as destroyer. Even my Buserian (Dayzatar-wannabe) >character is
also initiated into Shargash.

Baaa, you remember well, Manlivarius, how you avoided weapon practice to stare
at the stars when you should have been smashing slaves to bring them to Shagash
with the warriors of the House. Perhaps then you would have been gifted with
the strength of Shargash as I have been!

>This makes Alkoth a rather unsettling place as you might imagine... What you
>have to remember is that Shargash remains chained underneath the city and >his
slumbering influence is felt constantly as a brooding presence that can be
>oppressive to outsiders. People growing up in this influence are bound to be
>a tad warped, particularly viewed by outsiders. This is only exacerbated by
>their rituals and customs such as the enclosures.

How can you say this brother? I know your mother is a weak northener but even
you know that Shargash comforts us all by the certainty of his prescence and the
warmth of his Enclosure! Have you not watched me in the ceremonies and
applauded as I waded through the defeated foe with only the ash covering of the
dead to ward me as I spilt their blood on the burnt remains of our people?

Though you try to be fashionably removed from the way of Shargash I know that
you have the courage of our people for did you not pursue the scion of Hourse
Arin-torza and ruin his chances of victory in the Fire Competition whilst
allowing me to hurl one of his teammates headfirst off a building? How my blood
pounded with Shargash at that victory.

>The highest representaives of Shargash in the city are the Red and Green
>Kings. The Red King embodies the martial/destroyer aspect of Shargash
>while the Greeen King embodies the social/city father aspect. The nobles
>also worship Yelm of course and the Red Goddess is making (slowish)
>inroads - mainly in the newer families.

Those "new" noble families like Arin-Torza claim to be true Shargashi but they
corrupt themselves with the impurities of the Kazkurtum-seeking evils of the
dark side of the Moon. Unlike our glorious house they are not descended from
Urvairinus himself and are a mere few hundred years old whereas we stretch back
millenia and are the true inheritors of our past glories!

>The other aspects of Shargash are also recognised as well. One of the
>tasks of our characters was to take gifts to the Bis-Ensilib priestess out
>in the swamps as Shargash was once married to her.

And did I not dance the marriage ritual with her brother and as I remember did
you not sneer at the impurity we displayed? I was merely fulfilling the part I
must play as protector and husband and the dance was a good one!

Though my brother and I disagree on many things, he is still one with Shargash
and knows our strength well if with more purdence than I feel we need. Did
Shargash show prudence when he broke the world or did he dance the Way of
Thunder with all the might in his heart? So though he harps on much I disagree
with I would wish the world filled with his like before I gave time of day to a
foul Raibanthi!

I like to see foreigners come to Alkoth and see them twitch at the power of
Shargash all around them. The College of War where I study daily is where I
meet many of the Yanafali who come to our city to read our work on war which
have been accumulated for centuries unbroken. They call themselves warriors but
they know nothing of our joy at being Shargashi.

Vrantharus Urashmallek

AKA Martin Laurie


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