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From: Jane Williams (
Date: Sat 25 Jan 1997 - 16:53:54 EET

Mike Cule asks:
> At the peace negotiations after
> Starbrow's Rebellion, Fazzur Wideread shows the Sartarite leaders the
> Hell where Sheng Seleris is imprisoned.
> Some years later, Argrath goes to that Hell and rescues Sheng Seleris.
> Now, obviously some of the description of the vision that Fazzur got to
> Argrath and he used it in his quest. But could he have been there himself, as part
> of the Sartarite delegation? What do people think? Especially those
> more learned in the continuity than me? Jane Williams, you there?

Now there's a compliment.... Personally I don't think he was there, no.
Garrath was in Pavis at the time. But then, he could have learnt about it
later. I forget the exact dates, but Argrath was an ally of the
Fazzurites at some point in the 1630s. And if Argrath ever spoke to
Kallyr in the period 1625-1630 (and I think he might), she could have
told him all about it.
> And another thing. Does anyone have any clear or ingenious ideas about
> what's going on when Argrath convinces the Colymar that he is from a
> part of their tribe they have lost track of? Is this a magnificent
> con-job or something truly mystical?

Considerable discussion about this is going on off-line at the very
moment. The clues are mainly in KoS: see what you make of them.
1) Look at the history of the Karandoli, as given to Leika
2) Look up the Karandoli and the Jenstali in the clans listing
3) page 235, look at the ancestry given in the third sample Invocation
4) look up the history of Pavis, and realise that Badside was founded
around 1490.
Now work it out for yourself. I think the Karandoli went to Pavis, except
for a few fanatics who stayed hiding in the hills killing the Jenstali,
and I think Argrath either found then when he went there, or was born to
the Karandoli in Pavis anyway.
Jane Williams


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