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Michael Cule <>
Argrathian continuity
>A thought that occurred to me: At the peace negotiations after
>Starbrow's Rebellion, Fazzur Wideread shows the Sartarite leaders the
>Hell where Sheng Seleris is imprisoned.
>Some years later, Argrath goes to that Hell and rescues Sheng Seleris.
>Now, obviously some of the description of the vision that Fazzur got to
>Argrath and he used it in his quest. But could he have been there
himself, as part
>of the Sartarite delegation? What do people think? Especially those
>more learned in the continuity than me? Jane Williams, you there?
Jane, Joerg, and I have been discussing Argrath with an average of 2-3
messages each per day, for weeks now. The Fazzur incident is something

that has not yet come up, surprisingly enough. Since Argrath and Kallyr
definitely do have quite a bit of contact before her final death, there
is no need for Argrath to be at this defeat. Most of the possible
timelines, even accepting 3 or 4 different "Argraths", seem to put
"Argrath" somewhere other than Sartar during this time.

So, I think he probably got his info here from Kallyr, or from someone
else who was present.

>And another thing. Does anyone have any clear or ingenious ideas about
>what's going on when Argrath convinces the Colymar that he is from a
>part of their tribe they have lost track of? Is this a magnificent
>con-job or something truly mystical?
The three of us seem to be in disagreement over this point. As for it
being a con job, I doubt that -- I believe Argrath's geneology from the
Karandoli Clan. The problem is, the clan is long gone. I think that

Argrath used this incident to take those of his followers who were
clanless, make them into a clan, and make this new Karandoli Clan part of
the Colymar Tribe. Jane seems to think that many of the Karandoli Clan
were among those Sartarites who founded Badside around 1490. Joerg at one
point believed that Argrath in fact brought the Clan back from the Other
Side, though I don't know if he still believes it.

Joerg and I will be hosting a seminar on Argrath and King of Sartar at
GCon V in British Columbia this July, so anyone with any pet theories on
these or other topics should make a point to be there!

Hasni Mubarak <>
>The real question is this: Does the Runelord LOSE his spells when he
>casts them into the truestone?
It depends on whether or not the spells are reusable for him. If he is an
Orlanthi Wind Lord, and casts the spells which are reusable, he can
regain them. However, if he casts a traded Truesword spell or the Cloud
Call he learned from his Storm Voice, these one-use spells are lost to
him forever, since he has no way to "renew" them. Short of spending more
POW or trading another spell, of course.


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