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Peter Metcalfe <P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz>
shargash and other stuff
Steve>>1) Argrath's founding of his temple could have "summoned" her. But
>>don't think she would be described as "The Six-Armed Goddess of
Peter>All the references to her as the six-armed goddess of Saird
>are _after_ the Temple is built. Also note that the reference
>comes from Argrath's Saga which was composed many years after
>the events at the time and Yara Aranis may have been known as
>the Six-armed Goddess of Saird.
Very possible.
>>But, the GodsWall sort of makes it clear
>>that the West is Hell (description of Yelm, where the one ray of light
>>blessing the "Low 25" is the ray blessing the deities of the West). So
>>this idea may not work.
>The Low 25 are the dieties of the West? I don't think so. FWIW
>the rays from the eyes of Yelm are alighting upon the first god
>in each row. Four rays strike Murharzarm, his son. Three rays
>strike Entekos, his wife. Two strike Gerendetho, who may be a
>most favoured ally (shades of Ekus and Enkidu) and One strikes
>his chief servant Oslira.
But note the description -- "One [ray] blesses the Gods of the West."
God_s_, which is plural. The assumption all along is that the entire row

(in each case) is being blessed. And note that even though she is a Good
Goddess, Oslira is still generally counted among the Low 25. So obviously
these terms are not meant to be absolute. Still, the Gods of the West are
specifically equated with the Underworld in GRoY (Ivory) pg. 66.

>[Malkioni Astronomy]
>I don't see why the parentage of the names should really matter.
>Medieval Christian had no problem in calling the planets
>by the names of Roman Gods nor even naming the days of the week by
>Saxon gods.
Also very true. However, the Medeival Christians had thousands of years
of celestial knowledge provided to them from the Middle East by way of
Greece and Rome. Even given Greg's statement that some of the Malkioni
star lore comes from Yuthuppa, I cannot believe that _all_ of it did, nor
that it has not changed in 1600+ years, nor that stars which have
appeared since that time would have been named in some other way.

And, if the Brithini (for example) do not believe in gods, or acknowledge
the saints, I wonder what _they_ would call them. Maybe they don't
bother, or perhaps they simply number them.

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