Nicealor, Truestone, etc.

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Some time ago, Paolo Guccione sed:
>As for Nysalor, he did change myth in a permanent way, since he
>wounded Korasting ( a goddess ) and cursed Kyger Litor.

Hey, hang on, it was Gbaji who did that, Nysalor's evil twin! Nysalor is the
good guy that brought us Illumination, remember? Gbaji was created when the
Council was broken by those nasty Trolls.

>Does the Runelord LOSE his spells when he casts them into the

I hadn't really thought about it much. It really does make Truestone an enormous
responsibility, if spells cast into it can't be renewed until they have been
cast out, and vastly increases the chance that any found truestone has spell
storing capability, but no spells left.

What would happen if a Vampire picked up a blank Truestone? Would all of his
stolen divine magic go into it, or would he be burned away from it too soon?
That would be one poky piece to have, if only you could pin down a Vamp and
strap it to his hand for long enough ...

>Computer Program ... Alan LaVergne ... think it is worthwhile ...
>anyone else interested?

I would be interested to see it, so it's worth contacting him and asking how far
he got, anyway.

Stephen P Martin:
>(IMG) Store Sorcery (stolen from the Mostali) allows
>a sorcerer to store a use of a spell.

Sandy's Sorcery rules cover this to some extent with the "Hold" art, but it
falls short of letting the Sorceror store it in an object.

Pagan God Star names:
>>This is excellent for the Malkioni who also believe in these gods, but
>>what about the har-liner Malkioni, who don't? Or do we count these two
>>deities as now "worshiped" as lesser saints? I coudl buy that.
>I don't see why the parentage of the names should really matter.
>Medieval Christian had no problem in calling the planets
>by the names of Roman Gods nor even naming the days of the week by
>Saxon gods.

Yes, but the early Christians were deliberately assimilating the traditions of
the pre-existing religions, such as yule=christmas, sunday=holy day, etc.
Hard-liner (most?) Malkioni deny the validity of these foreign gods as named
entities. Also, it is very difficult to get rid of traditional names, look at
how far the french revolution got with its new month and day names. The only
remnant of those "changes for change's sake" was driving on the wrong side of
the road. The Malkioni don't have a preexisting pagan culture with it's pagan
ways and traditions, do they?


I've been away for a few days, hence the broad range of digests quoted here!
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