From: Steven E. Barnes (
Date: Sun 26 Jan 1997 - 05:40:21 EET

I can't stay silent on this anymore. The Elder Secrets
truestone rules are a classic example of bad RQ3 rules,
that attempted to fix something that wasn't broken. As
written, a piece of blank truestone seems more like some
hideous Thanatari artifact, rather than a piece of primal
Law. (Leave it where your victim will find it; after he
has had all his spells sucked out, kill him and run off
with the stone. No need to lug rotting heads around)

It also seems designed to be exploited by power gamers
(remember the recent discussion about mindlinking
hundreds of worshippers to kill Harrek? You can perhaps
do the same thing to charge up a truestone, creating an
awesome artifact with hundreds of stored spells)

First off, attuning truestone should be a voluntary, time
consuming ritual.

Second, blank truestone should have a capacity, or upper
limit on the amount of magic that can be stored in it.

Yes, larger pieces of truestone should have more than
just increased status value.

In Rune Power systems, truestone could be defined as storing
Rune Points, rather than spells.

- -steve


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