Shargashi Berserks

From: Stephen P Martin (
Date: Sun 26 Jan 1997 - 09:48:20 EET

Martin Laurie, replying to Peter Metcalf

>>>They DON'T get berserk as they are never Berserk in that sense.
>>If it looks like a berserk, foams at the mouth like a beserk, and
>>fights like a berserk then it should be treated as a berserk. I
>>don't consider the philosophy behind why he howls to be important
>>for distinguishing a Shargashite from a Uroxi.
>Well it is of course because the appearances are totally different.
>don't foam, they are in control, actually they are also possessed by
>and their movements are fluid, powerful and look like a dance.

In RQ game terms, however, I think it would boil down to Shargash
providing the Berserk Divine spell. Is that what you meant Peter?

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