Re: GD V4 #121-3, Man Rune, Truestone, Entekos & the Moon Soul

From: Peter Linton Tracy (
Date: Sun 26 Jan 1997 - 09:30:48 EET

Sheesh, I'm also missing v#121 through 123, someone forward those please...

The Recent man rune talk ponders what the "MAN" is and who has it. IMHO
it represents "Mortality", not man, thus, Elves, Troll, Men, and Ducks, etc,
have some link (animals also dying makes it hard, perhaps grandpa animal
snuffed it too!?), but Dragonnewts and mostali are not men, and are not
mortal (thus no diseases, as per cult of malia)... but then again, isnt
Mostal dead? Maybe association with Stasis or Dragonnewt runes slow
aging? Maybe GF Mortal had some design features the gods decided to keep
for the younger races when they were made (like how modern manufacturing
involves built in redundance) just to save on costs, but Mostali and
Dragonnewts were build to last! ;-)

Truestone - The Mostali once knew how to forge adamant, and how to make
it self rechargming or even 'Clean' truestone to start again! I say the
one use spells are lost, but the stone is attuned to those certain
spells, definitely, not runepower (Star Trek explaination - its a divine
capacitor linked to the god time, storing effects, not energy! ;-)

On p52 of the Entokosiad, Entekos dies and;
"...took up the eight pegs which had held down her house... no one could
fix her building..."

I see this Inexorably linked to the DH idea of six parts to the spirit,
the Lunar/Nysalorian/Gbajian idea of the seventh part (illumination),
and an as yet unknow part, the greatest part to come, a white moon
secret! (like, Deep Thoughs 'The Earth' ;-)

Nuff said!

Peter T


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