Bad Argrath, bad

From: danny bourne (
Date: Sun 26 Jan 1997 - 15:31:46 EET

>Garrath was in Pavis
It is a little known fact (and a cult secret of both Pavis and Black Fang)

that the Argrath in Pavis is the high priest of Black Fang.
        Members of the Pavis cult have to be landholders in Pavis, and
landholding is hereditary. Thus the five major families of Pavis are the
only cult members - their duties include setting tax rates etc for which
they get paid. This means they can tax incoming foodstuffs, keep their own
produce cheap AND get paid for the privelige. Those who find out or cause a
fuss meet the other arm of the Pavis cult - Black Fang.
 There are five black fang 'rune level's in Pavis, one from each of the
main families. They are the unofficial police arm of the Pavis cult. When
the Lunars occupy Pavis, the Black Fang allow Gim Gim to enter their circle

'for the good of Pavis the city' and then, when they see that the Lunars
are going to lose control, Black Fang hand over Gim Gim to 'Argrath' and so
the way of the city continues.


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