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Date: Mon 27 Jan 1997 - 00:17:00 EET

Stephen P Martin

>Jane, Joerg, and I have been discussing Argrath with an average of 2-3
>messages each per day, for weeks now.

Too true.

>>And another thing. Does anyone have any clear or ingenious ideas about
>>what's going on when Argrath convinces the Colymar that he is from a
>>part of their tribe they have lost track of? Is this a magnificent
>>con-job or something truly mystical?

>The three of us seem to be in disagreement over this point. As for it
>being a con job, I doubt that -- I believe Argrath's geneology from the
>Karandoli Clan. The problem is, the clan is long gone.

Into hiding - IMO either among the Quivin Peaks, or among the Starfire
Ridges. Does anybody know where Eagle Peak is?

For the Starfire Ridges I cite the Orlmarth clan's by-name "Keeper of Secrets".

>I think that
>Argrath used this incident to take those of his followers who were
>clanless, make them into a clan, and make this new Karandoli Clan part of
>the Colymar Tribe.

I subscribe to this view as well, but with slight differences:

>Joerg at one
>point believed that Argrath in fact brought the Clan back from the Other
>Side, though I don't know if he still believes it.

I still believe htat he brought back a kernel of the clan _through_ the
other side.

>Joerg and I will be hosting a seminar on Argrath and King of Sartar at
>GCon V in British Columbia this July, so anyone with any pet theories on
>these or other topics should make a point to be there!

And anybody with pet theories, make them known...


As I read the description, unset Truestone will suck in the divine spell
knowledge of the first individual touching it. Slave bracelets might protect
against this, but IMO generally the victim will lose all divine magic he or
she knew. This might render a priest useless for his community (if he loses
hold of the Truestone). And he won't be able to refill it until he relearned
the spell.

I am not sure whether a spell refilled into a set Truestone will be
refreshable before used from the Truestone. I tend to say no...

How to realize this with Runepower is beyond me, though...


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