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Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 15:18:39 EET

G'day all,

Steve is worried by creativity

Stephen Martin:
>Otherwise, to people who don't have all the sources, an assumption
>could be made that you are quoting published or "official" (whatever
>that means) information.

Nick replies:
>>Why, whatever you *say* is "official", is official, of course! Let's not
>>tie ourselves up in absurd semantic knots about this trivial non-issue.
>>If enough of us like something, we'll all use it. That's how Glorantha
>>moves forwards, now that there's no mass-market commercial/"official"
>>published material coming out any more.

Steve then asks:
>>>Maybe other people should comment on this -- do people prefer that
>>>people claim their own work as theirs, and quote published sources
>>>when they repeat information from them, or would they prefer it all be
>>>meshed together, who really cares what Greg or Sandy says about

Well, this issue was brought up some years ago at the first RQ Con (1). As
reported in the conference journal (2), I recounted how a poster to the
RuneQuest Digest(3) demanded that Nick Brooke state which source he got
such-and-such facts from. Nick replied that he gets his information
from the same well-spring Greg Stafford gets his from: he makes it up!(4)

Such a position is supported by Stafford himself, in his Designers Notes to
the Genertela supplement(5). There he notes that it was his initial intention
to create a fantasy world "which delighted others others and wherein they
could participate. I have succeeded. Now Glorantha is yours, not mine."(6)
(1) "RQ Con", Baltimore USA, January 1994
(2) Cheng, D. (ed.) 'The RuneQuest-Con Compendium', New York 1994
(3) Bell, A (mod.) 'RQ Digest', the precursor of the current Glorantha Digest.
(4) Cheng, op.cit.
(5) Stafford, G. et al. Glorantha: 'Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars',
    Avalon Hill, Baltimore 1988.
(6) Ibid. p.36

(Sigh) I for one think there is enough quasi-academic wanking going on
here without trying to turn this digest into a full-blown academic journal.
When everything must be justified by moldering "official" texts, much of them
from over a decade ago, what happens to creativity?



PS Steve, you've only been on board a short while, and this is not the first
"improvement" to the Digest you've suggested in that time. Things have
actually worked pretty well as they are up to now; maybe you should take time

to get a hang of what goes on here before trying to mould it to your vision.

...and now, a controversial 'Note from Nochet' that's sure to confound the

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.13-45:arstola) During the last year I have travelled extensively

through the forests of Western Maniria collecting and cataloguing samples
of wild herbs. My most bizarre find though had nothing to do with
woodland plants. Near the edge of the great Arstola forest I found a
small community of friendly and hospitable farmers. These people were
refugees from the country of Ramalia. They offered me free food and
shelter during my time with them, whilst I carried out my research in
the fringes of the Arstola. What is remarkable about these villagers
is that they worship an unborn god, whom the call "the messiah". They
believe that on the day he is born, the heavens will signal his coming
by the appearance of a new star. Part of their ideology decrees that
they should not use magic, and that if they have faith in their god magic
cannot affect them. This I discovered to be true one day. I tried to heal
a girl of the settlement who had injured her arm in a fall. Although she
said it was no use - her lord, the messiah, would watch over her arm so that
it would heal naturally - I was compelled to try to help her, and almost
passed out after repeatedly casting my healing magic. Any disciple of this
cult can be recognized by the rune they wear on their clothes and
jewellery. It looks like three entwined law runes, which symbolizes the
new star. Shamash Greenhand, wild sage.


End of Glorantha Digest V4 #125

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