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Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 12:27:12 EET

G'day all,

Mr Bean

Corey asks:
>If Andrew Bean is reading this could you please email me with your address
>as sendig mail to just bounces back and I have
>been trying to subscribe to TotRM for over a month . If anyone else knows
>anything about TotRM subsciptions in Australia , please email me as well.
>Sorry for this to everybody else.

This address is no longer valid.

You can contact Andrew Bean at: ""


Assoc. Editor, TotRM

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 21-011/HQ) Fragments of the notebook of Lucien the Diviner, master
of natural philosophy: " is known that certain geographical
localities provide a focus for penetration to the other side for certain
cult, the metaphysical mechanics involved being inexplicable, it remains
only to note that the effects of the transfer depend upon the day of the
year... for example, in the lands of the Sun, worshippers of Yelmalio may
quest for their god by entering a certain retirement tower on any holy days
of the sun. The location of the temple is not recorded. ...and all agreed
hat if the initial conditions of time and space are favourable, that the god
may offer counsel, and that even mortal men may scour the dead scrolls for
news of their fate ...such as the Orlanthi who throw themselves to the
winds from the height of the Old Wind temple to begin their quest ...where
the elements have power to aid the transition. ...but where the path is
taken alone without aid, propitious sacrifice and holy alliances ...these
ways are seldom documented, but occur rarely, spelling disaster for the
unlikely participant ...and are generally held to deny analysis... the
analogue to chaos is self-evident ...not all of the being may cross, and
some may be lost forever ...such identities are forever distorted by
their experiences, beyond recognition ...the solution to all problems
lies within the uncharted realm of the desynchronous quest, but the route
of the quest itself defies prediction ... the individual, being unable
to enforce its own illusory time, becomes lost in a sea of oblivion.."


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