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Peter Metcalfe <>
More stuff
>The cults that have sprung up around the stars (Zrethius and Setum)
>would have postdated the naming of the stars IMO. It would be a
>simple matter for the Old Malkioni to see some local star rituals
>and adapt it to form a cult under the name of their star IMO. This
>would have occured during the Serpent King and God Learner phase
>when the Malkioni fell to worshipping other gods.

> 'These people worship the 'Pole Star' which is our
> Zrethus. We shall take their rituals and translate
> them into Seshnegi. These rituals shall be the bedrock
> of the the cult of Zrethus'.
Except if they already had a Zrethus, they would already have had a cult
of Zrethus, and their own rituals, etc. Very few religions are simply

"created" from scratch, despite the apparent popularity of this practice
in some times and places in Glorantha. I doubt any of the Malkioni sects
call the Pole Star Zrethus -- they have enough traditions, myths, and
history of their own to name the stars, without us having to postulate
that they borrowed star names and then entire cults!

> (danny bourne)
Bad Argrath, bad
>It is a little known fact (and a cult secret of both Pavis and Black
>that the Argrath in Pavis is the high priest of Black Fang.

>Those who find out or cause a
>fuss meet the other arm of the Pavis cult - Black Fang.
> There are five black fang 'rune level's in Pavis, one from each of the
>main families. They are the unofficial police arm of the Pavis cult.
Amusing. So, this means that Griselda is rumoured to be a member of the
Pavis cult, essentially? Awful strange rumour, that!

Joerg Baumgartner <>
Glorantha Digest V4 #124
>As I read the description, unset Truestone will suck in the divine spell
>knowledge of the first individual touching it. Slave bracelets might
>against this, but IMO generally the victim will lose all divine magic he
>she knew. This might render a priest useless for his community (if he
>hold of the Truestone). And he won't be able to refill it until he
>the spell.
I believe this is incorrect -- the implication is that all _currently
known_ spells are sucked in. A priest has most of his or her spells
reusably. Thus, once those spells have been used out of the truestone, he
will be able to renew them normally. Therefore, the priest is only
"useless" to his community for a short time.

Since the truestone-stored spells are not used very often, I would
imagine that any cult possessing a truestone is going to use it as part
of their funerary rites for dying priests (and possible even initiates,
if they know one-use spells), to try and get one last use out of those
Divine spells....

>How to realize this with Runepower is beyond me, though...
One of the only flaws with the Runepower system, as I see it. But one
well worth finding a correction for, without changing truestone.
Steve is worried by creativity
>PS Steve, you've only been on board a short while, and this is not the
>"improvement" to the Digest you've suggested in that time. Things have
>actually worked pretty well as they are up to now; maybe you should take
>to get a hang of what goes on here before trying to mould it to your
I'm not trying to "mould it to my vision", I merely wonder sometimes how
people take information on the Digest. Given that one of Nick's other
comments in that message (that no new material is being published
anymore) is absolutely untrue, as Greg continues to work, put out books,

and the work which is planned for the future, I still see this as a valid

I am not requesting that everyone always cite all sources on the Digest.
However, if a person asks for information on a specific subject, and
someone else_answers_ that question with a large, authoritative post, I
think it is only polite for that person to at least state that the
material is theirs, and completely new. What does that have to do with

stifling creativity? As I said before, saying that material is yours does
not prevent you from being creative.

Maybe if Nick would stop taking any disagreement I have with him (or
anyone else) as an attack, this type of discussion wouldn't need to go on
so long.

>>From the Notes From Nochet files:

A bit too much direct borrowing in this one for my taste.

Stephen Martin
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