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Date: Mon 27 Jan 1997 - 15:19:00 EET

G'day all,

There's been quite a bit of discussion about Truestone lately. IMG, we played
Truestone like this: each Truestone was set - eg. it could store X amounts of
Divine Magic. We never did get get round to figuring out why one Truestone
could hold more than another; now I will say that when a Blank Truestone is
filled, the points of Divine Magic pumped into it 'sets' the amount it can store
forever onwards.

As in the current description, anyone touching such a Blank Truestone must fight
an almost irresistable urge to cast all their divine magic into it (which is why
STRANGERS IN PRAX's Nose Ring resorted to chewing one of his
own fingers off fighting the compulsion after he found such a stone out in
the wilderness. He only knew 1 point of Divine Magic, and wanted to get back
to civilisation where a priest could set the stone to a much higher level).

Thus you might have a 1 point Truestone, a 7 point Truestone, a 23 point
Truestone and so on, depending on how many points were pumped in
when the stone was set. IMG, the SIZ of the stone is not important - a
Truestone the size of a grain of sand might hold 107 points, another the size
of 1967 Volkswagon Beetle might only hold 3.

Once you cast your Divine Magic into a Truestone, you can pray to get the
spells back (unless they're one-use, in which case they're gone). You don't
have to wait until someone uses the spells in the stone.

Once divine spells are cast from the Truestone, it can be 'refilled' with others
up to the amount of points it can store. The new spells do not have to be the
same as those that were in it before, nor even from the same cult! Thus a 7
point stone can be filled with any 7 points of divine magic, and used (and then
refilled) by anyone who knows divine magic.

This makes Truestone pretty potent I know, but IMO it bloody well should be!

[Hmmm, a question: do people get an irresistable urge to cast all their
divine magic into the Block, or has it already been 'set', and if so, by



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