Re: Wind Lords in Lunar-occupied terr.

From: Alain RAMEAU (
Date: Mon 27 Jan 1997 - 12:03:48 EET

> There's one thing that I've never seen explained, and that it how
> Wind Lords in Lunar-occupied territory don't get caught. My Sartarite
> character is on the road to becoming a Wind Lord, but as soon as he does
> he'll have to start chanting poetry to practically everything he meets --
> including "Foul Chaos..." to Lunars, I suspect -- and will no doubt be
> picked up and executed immediately.

I remember that in Pavis (RQII version), one of the high city council
members is an Ortanthi. The given reason is that Lunars are not as stupid
as sartarites may think. In fact, they know that the best way to control
the Orlanthi in Pavis is not to destroy all of them but to tolerate same
(provided they do not publicly offend Lunars) and control them through that
guy (which is a kind of lunar puppet).

Obviously, Wind Lords fighting for Sartar freedom will not be tolerated.
Such tolerance is generally towards initiates or Priests only.


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