Re: Shargash =?= Berzerks

From: David Weihe (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 01:42:42 EET

> > Martin Laurie:
> >They DON'T get berserk as they are never Berserk in that sense. Instead
> >they gain the ability to dance the path of Shargash that they follow.
> - --Peter 'Hail Shargash!' Metcalfe
> If it looks like a berserk, foams at the mouth like a beserk, and
> fights like a berserk then it should be treated as a berserk. I
> don't consider the philosophy behind why he howls to be important
> for distinguishing a Shargashite from a Uroxi.

To split hairs, though, it sounds like the Shargashi Dance (that admittedly
looks a lot like Berzerk to those on the receiving end) is closer in ways
to the Humakti Morale spell. Apparently, both are only cast on large units,
rather than individuals.

The only reason to care about the difference is if you (or your friendly
neighborhood Trickster) is trying to disrupt the unit going into whatever
it goes. With Uroxi, one must stop nearly every member individually;
with Shargashi, you only have to disrupt the one ceremony (say, by throwing
a few beehives at the leaders?).

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On another point, why would soldiers worshipping Shargash imply that they
need R&R? I would assume that it would imply that the common soldiers
have lost confidence in their officers' abilities, and were prepared to
take matters into their own hands (much like Col. Kurtz, in Apocalypse
Now). I.e., if the men think that they can and should be winning, except
that the politcal control restricts them from "doing what must be done"
then they will take up worshipping the god of No Quarter. Or is Shargash
also the God of Fragging The Officers?


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