Just back from Chicago...

From: Eachlach@aol.com
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 00:36:47 EET

...Where I had a *damn* fine time, let me tell you!

Despite all the setbacks, for me GloranthaCon IV was a smashing success. The
final turnout was rather low...roughly 80 or so souls...but it made for an
affair brimming with both enthusiasm and camaraderie. I never lacked for
events to participate in or people to chat long into the night with, and
ofttimes found myself agonizing over all the options presented me.

To those of you who for one reason or another were unable to attend, you
missed a gem. A *small* gem, but a gem nonetheless...

My personal convention highlights...

-- John Medway's convention-closing "Red Devastation" minis event and the
hilarious mock inquisition of the armies' commanders that followed at the
Megacorp's post-con gathering. Efforts are underway by the participants to
chronicle the entirety of this splendid debacle for the GCIV Compendium...it
is just *too* sordid to relate with any brevity. :)

-- Chris Gidlow's playtest of "Credo 2: The Sword of Islam", an incredibly
twisted and fun expansion for Chaosium's game of dueling dogmas. Islamic
invasions, missions to convert the pagan hordes, a bevy of newer...and
weirder...heterodoxies to embrace enthusiastically, and opportunities galore
to make an East/West Schism to be *proud* of. Write Chaosium and *make* them
publish this...

-- Jeff Richards' and Neal Robinson's "Tale of Orkarl's Bull" mini-freeform,
which revolves around the sundry intrigues and petty conflicts within a small
independent Orlanthi clan and the trials they must face from without. More
fun than you can shake a Lawspeaker's stick at...

-- And, of course, "Singalong With Nick", wherein the first night of the
convention was given a rousing start to tunes such as "The Wyrm-Tangled
Banner" and a host of other catchy Lunar and Orlanthi anthems.

Michael Schwartz eachlach@aol.com
When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!


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