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Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 05:25:23 EET

Stephen P Martin:

Me>>The cults that have sprung up around the stars (Zrethius and Setum)
>>would have postdated the naming of the stars IMO. It would be a
>>simple matter for the Old Malkioni to see some local star rituals
>>and adapt it to form a cult under the name of their star IMO. This
>>would have occured during the Serpent King and God Learner phase
>>when the Malkioni fell to worshipping other gods.

>Except if they already had a Zrethus, they would already have had a cult
>of Zrethus, and their own rituals, etc.

I didn't say they borrowed star names, I said they _named_ the stars
when they first appeared (ie after the Great Darkness) and developed
theistic cults to go with them _later_ (ie during the Serpent Kings
and God Learner Era). The People Who Named The Stars are the Old
Malkioni living in exile on the shores of Seshnela who did not have

>I doubt any of the Malkioni sects
>call the Pole Star Zrethus -- they have enough traditions, myths, and
>history of their own to name the stars, without us having to postulate
>that they borrowed star names and then entire cults!

Ok. What do the Malkioni call Polestar then if you're so sure
that they don't call it Zrethus? That name appears in a document
(Bertalors Metallurgy) in the first century after the dawn. Now
I hardly believe that they are going to call it Dayzatar's Eye
which is off even more foreign origins.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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