Glorantha Con IV

From: Guy Hoyle (
Date: Mon 27 Jan 1997 - 23:12:52 EET


What a fantastic Con! I had no idea what I was missing before. I was
in my first-ever LARP, the Saga of Orkarl's Bull (well, a mini-LARP,
at least); though I failed miserably at achieving my goals as a
blackmailing tribal priest, I had a blast watching all the tribal
intrigue going on all around me. Other highlights were the
SingalongaNick, the Secret of the God Learners Game, and the indoors
Trollball Game (my team won!)

Great, too, to meet all the people who were formerly only names on
the Net and on bylines. Thanks to Andrew Joelson and his crew of
stalwarts for a rollicking good Con, and to Reaching Moon MegaCorp
for beer and wine---oh, and some great seminars, too!

I've got the fever now; this won't be my last Glorantha Con!


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