Glorantha-Con IV report

From: David Dunham (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 08:54:19 EET

Just a quick post to let people know that while the storm gods did indeed
bless Chicago with a little snow, the convention, despite the tragic
absence of Greg Stafford, went very well. Sandy Petersen did a wonderful
job substituting for Greg, and Nick Brooke got to ramble lucidly for far
longer than usual. I got to create blood sacrifice to the killing tide in
David Millian's mythic game, played some very interesting board games (Rob
Heinsoo's Dragon Pass variant using area movement and non-collectible
cards, and Charles Morehouse's Masters of Luck & Death, where you attempt
heroquests to earn the right to become the Pharaoh's next body), survived
Goldschlager, and tried to make a fool of myself in public on two seminars.
BTW, I hereby publicly state that I was remiss not to mention the version
of the Grazers done by Martin Hawley, Danny Bourne, and friends. Next
seminar I give I suppose I should bring notes and sleep before hand.

And I hereby stake my claim at one end of the Seattle Farmers Collective
spectrum. If the Wendarian scenario (which I ran at the con) were expanded
into a campaign (which I have notes for), it would pretty much be the
earliest possible Farmer Campaign. It takes place in the Neolithic era,
shortly after the invention of farming. And my notes mention how farming
productivity would be rising soon after the events featuring our brave boys
from Meglardinth, thanks to the introduction of the Naveria cult which
followed the events they witnessed.

And I even proved it's possible to wake up 45 minutes before your plane
leaves the gate and still make the flight. I'm not really sure I should
thank the hotel for the extra hour of sleep their tardy wakeup call gave
me, tho...

Anyway, it was lots of fun seeing those of you who were there. And the rest
of you I hope to see in Victoria

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