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From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 07:46:23 EET

MOB mobilises:
>Once divine spells are cast from the Truestone,it can be 'refilled' with others
>up to the amount of points it can store. The new spells do not have to be the
>same as those that were in it before, nor even from the same cult! Thus a 7
>point stone can be filled with any 7 points of divine magic, and used (and then
>refilled) by anyone who knows divine magic.

Hmm, I think I'd prefer that it could be refilled with other spells *from the
same deity or deities*. Thus a truestone storing sheild 3 (from Orlanth),
Turn Face to Ice Cream 2 (Eurmal) and True Breast (Uleria) could actually
store any 3 points of Orlanth magic, any two points of Eurmal magic (though
Eurmal may well be an exception to every rule!) and any 1 point of Uleria
magic. It just depends on who cast the spells into it when the truestone
was set. It also allows for runepoints.

> This makes Truestone pretty potent I know, but IMO it bloody well should be!

It's already potent on the hero plane, if the various heroquest
variants are correct about its properties. Since it already stores rune magic
its already potent on the material plane. Giving the ability to refill any
spell from the deity rather than just the spells with which it was set makes
it more potent than the original writings made it.

I quite like the idea that 90% of truestone has things like Berserk, Face
Chaos etc! Let's see you get a blank truestone from the &^%^$# Stormbullers!
Such a truestone, besides *what* it can do, is the major part of the Temple
treasury whether it hold 1 point or 200 points. Given the RQ3 necessity that
most priests have at least 10pts of spells/runepower/whatever, even getting
a couple of priests and acolytes together on a blank truestone is going to
make a nice piece of rock very powerful *for that cult* (IMHO).
> [Hmmm, a question: do people get an irresistable urge to cast all their
> divine magic into the Block, or has it already been 'set', and if so, by
> who?]

Yep, that's why anyone touching the Block 'loses' all their magic - actually
they cast it into the Block. Of course it has been set! Glorious Stormbull,
by using it to fold, spindle and mutilate the Devil (TM) set it in its current
position :-)



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