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>What is this _Girl's Life_? Roleplaying at St Trinians, perhaps?

        Believe it or not, it's a magazine for girls. As I understand it,
someone saw a potential market in the group of females who were too old to
read children's magazines, and too young to read _Seventeen_. _Girl's
Life_ was the result, and according to the report I heard on National
Public Radio some months ago, it is the major success of Avalon Hill.
Given that they have been getting out of board games for some time, it
would seem that they're primarily a magazine company, not a game company.

        But maybe they'll find a way to combine the two. I envision
_RuneQuest: Girl's Life_. This breakthrough product would focus on a
previously-neglected group: Voria worshippers. Of course, a few changes in
Glorantha will be necessary. Unpleasant areas of the world will be

        Chaos is now feared because it causes zits. Walktapi are replaced
by icky boys. The High Holy Day has been renamed "The Prom". All spells

except Glamour have been eliminated. Malia has been replaced by the dread
foe Anorexia, and each published campaign will come with a moral of the
week, to be read aloud to the group at the end of the session by the GM.
When HeroQuesting, characters enter the world of Beverly Hills 90210.
Illumination is caused by answering makeup-related Riddles. The Lunar
Empire is now made up entirely of Unicorn Riders dominate the world, while
Orlanthi Priests receive an awakened "Hello Kitty" as their allied

        Reflecting the inversion of verbal and math scores in the key
market group, mechanics for the system are now entirely word-based, using
no numbers at all. Word-dice will be marketed in a wild variety of new
pastel colors, some featuring images of popular teen icons.

        I'd go on, but my imagination has mercifully failed me. Am I
bitter? Well, maybe a little... :-)

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