Really Big Truestone...the Block

Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 10:16:21 EET

            After reading the various opinions about Truestone and setting
its capacity and all that, I started wondering about The Block. Here we have
a humungous peice of truestone sitting on the dead (I think?) Devil. What
divine magic is in this mass?

            I would guess that since Truestone is pretty much a solid chunk
of Law it won't absorb Chaos magic and thus isn't filled with the Devil's
magic. But somebody at some time has touched the thing; if memory serves me
correctly Storm Bulls jump off it to prove their stupidity...uhh, faith. I
recall a Storm Bull version of the battle of Urox and the Devil in which he
grabs the Block and pummels him with it, so it would have a load of Uroxi

              Or does Truestone have to be smaller than a certain mass before
it has the spell storing quality? Could one find a fifty kilo block of
 Truestone and chip little bits off that would be unset?

             Just some thoughts; hopefully this hasn't been beat to death.

V.S. Greene : : Boston, near Arkham...


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