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> [Hmmm, a question: do people get an irresistable urge to cast all their
> divine magic into the Block, or has it already been 'set', and if so, by
> who?]

Well obviously the block is completely tainted and filled with the knowledge of
the devil. If this is the case then I can see why the Storm Bulls keep people
away from it. The block might contain 10,000 points of chaos rune magic, plus
divine secrets and powers that would make the compromise quiver with fear. ;-)

He, its almost worth having a choas jihad storm it. "Who needs the devil back?
We have all his power here! Tis a good day for Glorantha to die..." <manic

> [XXIX.0982/NC-17[restricted: junior apprentices avert thine eyes!]
> THE ULERIAN VARIANCES, a treatise, extensively researched by Ficus
> Lovechild, sagemaster of the amorous art. "The 769 Positions of Uleria", 1...

Damn, somebody appears to have ripped the first page out! MOB do you have a copy
hidden under the mattress at home. I'd like to do some research...

Pete <>


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