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From: Simon Phipp (simon.phipp@walshwestern.com)
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 11:14:09 EET

Peter Metcalfe writes:

> Perhaps you could try reading the Dragon-slaying myths which
> written down and find out that Orlanth simply did a variation
> of being swallowed and cutting his way out when he fought Aroka?

> KoS p70 'Orlanth strode into its mouth and seized the upper jaw
        > with his hands and place his foot against its lower jaw,
        >and with a shout of victory tore the dragon asunder'.

Maybe I did read it, maybe (strange idea, I know) I do put some
thought into my arguments and don't just make up the facts as I need
them, maybe you should credit people with more judgement than you do.

Anyway, back to the point. Orlanth "strode into its mouth ... and
with a shout of victory tore the dragon asunder". Doesn't sound like
someone being eaten. Maybe it is poetic licence, but I would prefer to
think not.

Giants/Man Rune
> Naturally as they are lefthanded and have a tail, unlike say
> dwarves, elves, trolls, humans etc.
Ducks have tails, ogres are left handed - which of these are not
linked to the Man Rune?

Stephen Martin:

> I think that there is really no distinction between the lesser and
> giants, despite what Elder Secrets and Griffin Mountain imply. Gonn Orta
> started out as a run of the mill giant, just as Boshbisil did (is). If a
> giant survived long enough, and does the right kind of giant things, he
> or she can survive to become an Elder Giant. Note that Gonn Orta is not
> an elder giant _yet_, though he is well on his way to becoming one.

But the baby in the Cradle is of such a length that she is clearly
not of normal giant stock - I can't remember how long she is (being
at work) but I have the impression that she was immense. A 16m giant
would have a baby that is between 2m and 3m tall (going by
similarities to human forms), not one that is capable of swatting
adventurers with her chubby little fist.

Owen Jones:

> Clearly relativley small giants have not grown from babies the size of the
> famous baby in the cradle, but it doesn't follow that you have two sorts
> of giants, just that the size of the baby depends upon the size of the

But think of the logistics of Gonn Orta (who fathered the baby) and a
big giant of, say, 16m - there is a 1000% size difference here -
imagine making it with a woman 18 cm tall - Barbie Doll size.

Clearly, Gonn Orta is of a different scale to tghe lesser giants.

Anyway, got to go.


Simon Phipp
Back in the land of the living


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