RQ Jew

From: richardc@sypte.co.uk
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 14:36:09 EET

MOB's Notes from the Nochet files on Arstola reminded me of
Tom Zunder's version of the Sun County campaign.
Tom ran the Esrolian population of Sun County as analogues
of Jews in medieval Europe. It really provided a way for the
players to focus on the Sun Domers' xenophobia. God I hated
 those arrogant, bigoted sons of horses... unfortunately my
(Balazaring) character thought Sun Dome the acme of civilisation
and was largely blind to their faults. He did, however, develop
quite a liking for spicy Esrolian cooking.
On the whole I have to agree with Stephen M; this is a bit too
obvious for my taste too but keep those notes coming.
Richard Crawley


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