Re: Lead Crosses

From: David Weihe (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 16:57:35 EET

> >> Stephen P. Martin
> >> Actually, they appeared in Wyrms Footnotes 11, not Plunder. Also
> >
> > David Weihe <>
> >Actually, they appeared in both, because I bought Plunder long before my
> >copies of Wyrms Footnotes, and they were there, along with Rhino Fat,
> >that spear made from a Giant's leg, Herdbeast Tails, Morocanth Thumbs,
> >and various other semiuseful items, most of which weren't in WF11.
> >
> I'm looking at my copy of Plunder, and there ain't no Lead Crosses there

I got out my old copies, and sure enough, Lead Crosses are found in
Plunder, by Rudy Kraft.

Unfortunately, it is the Plunder section of WF11, not the book of the
same name. It seems I owe an apology for disputing you, Stephen. Presumably,
I saw the Lead Crosses in my original GM's set of mags, and mentally stored
it in the book that I bought the next year. Unless there was a mention in
WBRM, that I might have heard about from one of the old RuneQuest group
who had also played it, like I did for the Puppeteer Troup?


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