Truestone, RunePower, Block

From: Philip Hibbs (101621.1264@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 14:59:20 EET

>How to realize this with Runepower is beyond me, though...

Well, the Truestone has been set into the pattern of the spells originally cast
into it, and anyone who can cast those spells can refill them. If they are cast
using RunePower, or specifically sacrificed-for spells does not matter. In the
case of a blank piece, the player should get first choice of the spells put in,
but the referee should moderate this to ensure that a representative spread of
the character's spells are cast. I would not allow a player with 20 points of
Runepower to put it all into a spell that he has never actually used, I might
insist that no more than 3 points of a never-cast spell are put in.

I do not hold with the idea of just the points limit being set, I prefer the
specific spells to be set.

>... the Block ...

The vast bulk of the Block contains the Binding spell that Storm Bull put into
it to trap the Devil. The shards that break off are blank, and if you could
break a 'set' Truestone, the larger portion would retain the magic, and the
smaller portion would be blank. As to the rumour that touching the block causes

you to lose all your divine magic, this could be explained by faultlines in the
Block, thus internal portions of the Block count as separate pieces, and the
outer areas of the Block conduct all your magic into these inner areas. Thus,
occasionally a charged piece of Truestone can be found around the Block.

All IMO.
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