Bad Argrath, bad

Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 15:32:37 EET

G'day all,

Bad Argrath, bad

Danny B posits:
>It is a little known fact (and a cult secret of both Pavis and Black Fang)
>that the Argrath in Pavis is the high priest of Black Fang.
>Those who find out or cause a fuss meet the other arm of the Pavis
>cult - Black Fang. There are five black fang 'rune level's in Pavis, one
>from each of the main families. They are the unofficial police arm of
>the Pavis cult.

I like this *very much*!! Are the regular initiates of Pavis in on the
scam, or do they fear Black Fang as the underground criminal ring like
everyone else?

Ulerian Variances

Peter Nash:
 >[XXIX.0982/NC-17[restricted: junior apprentices avert thine eyes!]
 >THE ULERIAN VARIANCES, a treatise, extensively researched by Ficus
 >Lovechild, sagemaster of the amorous art. "The 769 Positions of Uleria", 1...

>>Damn, somebody appears to have ripped the first page out! MOB do you
>>have a copy hidden under the mattress at home. I'd like to do some

Sorry, it appears Ficus's extensive treatise is lost in the temple library's
underground archives (though divinations have confirmed its existence).

This 'un might interest you though:



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.12-69) The so-called "droit de seignora", the Esrolian law that
states that a feudal lady has the right to sexual congress with a vassal's
bridegroom on his wedding night, is I think, the most iniquitous of all laws
in all the Holy Country.
Telgonius the Jurist, law-master of this temple.

[No doubt old Telgonius would be less indignant if his holdings lay in the
Heortland. There King Richard's new law of "jus prima noctis" applies, in
which it is the lord, not lady, who may sleep with his tenant's betrothed on
their first night.
Duenna Agrippina Muliebritrix.]


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