RuneQuest: Girl's Life (the RPG)

Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 15:23:36 EET

G'day all,

_RuneQuest: Girl's Life_

Peter Maranci's imagination runs away with him answering my query:
>But maybe they'll find a way to combine the two. I envision
>_RuneQuest: Girl's Life_. This breakthrough product would focus on a
>previously-neglected group: Voria worshippers. Of course, a few changes in
>Glorantha will be necessary. Unpleasant areas of the world will be
>expunged....[lotsa goofy stuff that made me laugh snipped]....I'd go on,
>but my imagination has mercifully failed me. Am I bitter? Well, maybe a
>little... :-)

Thanks for setting me straight on this! 'RQ: Girl's Life' couldn't be any
worse than 'Powers and Perils', another of AH's misguided forays into

More on 'Girl's Life' - Peter Metcalfe is concerned for the safety of the Fat
wheezy girls with a note from matron:
>How much protection would the stockings give? All that denier must
>count for something...

Well, as *RQ: Girl's Life* (the RPG) is obviously placed to revive RQ's
flagging fortunes, I'd better do my bit of the rules development:

    Stocking Type AP value
     Silk 1
     Nylon 2
     Woolly 3
     Kevlar* 15
     Monofilament-plastisteel** 85

      *not permitted at some of the more conservative ladies' academies
     **only available in the planned SF-rules supplement, "RQ: Girl's
       Life 40,000K)

[Wow, I had to actually look up "denier" and discovered that apart from it
being an old French copper coin worth half a sou, a "denier" is a unit of
nylon yarn weight. Of course my wife now tells me that this is how you buy
pantyhose, and while she scoffs at my blokey ignorance, she also wonders
just what it is I'm doing on the Internet at the moment...]



>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX.046/11) The Lunar Empire imports few items of note from Pent: horses
and slaves, mainly. One commodity of interest though is rainbow grass: a
powerful narcotic, said to be used by the Pentian shamans to heighten
their spiritual awareness (crushed in boiling water, it is also a
remarkably efficacious remedy for the bluewater pox).


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