CAUTION: GodLearner Question...

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp) (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 18:34:41 EET

In the dark of night, a shimmering form came to me out of the mists of
history and cast a wicked spell upon me, forcing my quill to write of
it's own accord the following evil God Learner question:

What IS the connection between Shargash and Zorak Zoran??????

The residual psychic distress of that soulless sorcerers presence leaves
me thinking that these two gods MUST have some underlying shared

Mace-using, death-dealing, drum-playing, fire-controlling,
world-destroying, psychos...

light - darkness, um, and ... well Shargash is trapped under Alkoth ...
and ZZ aint (at least the trolls say he aint) ZZ makes Zombies, shargash
makes Ashes...

Somebody out there has got to have some old godlearner text explaining
how/why these two are really the same god ;-)

And finally, before I am utterly destroyed by Gift Carriers (assuming
Pam doesn't get to me first) -- I do know that "in reality" there is
absolutely NO connection between the Glorious thunderer and destroyer,
and the wicked digijelm Scary Monster...


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