Initiation Rites (I repeat)

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Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 18:26:11 EET


Noone seems to have picked up my thread ( I guess it got lost among the
truestone/shargash flames) so I'll post it again...

In a discussion with one of my players, the subject came up of what
exactly happens when an initiate is initiated. The player concerned has
a Storm Bull character, and one thing we came up with is that as a part
of the ceremony, the Initiate has one ear torn off (as per SB's battle
with the devil described in CoP).

The question I am putting to you more worldly (lozengely?) wise people is
whom would the SB lose his ear to? Would he have to fight a chaos foe,
lose the ear, nearly die, and be healed by an Eiritha priestess before
whacking the foe and retreating? At this point, the Initiation begins to

me to sound like a heroquest. Or perhaps that's the way Initiaion should


Also, I am having difficulty converting gloranthan coinage, and I can
find no sources that explain it - can someone tell me approxiamtely how
many Lunars there are to a Wheel?



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