Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #127

From: Frederic J-M Moulin (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 18:43:53 EET

> -- John Medway's convention-closing "Red Devastation" minis event and the
>hilarious mock inquisition of the armies' commanders that followed at the
>Megacorp's post-con gathering. Efforts are underway by the participants to
>chronicle the entirety of this splendid debacle for the GCIV
>is just *too* sordid to relate with any brevity. :)

Hi All,
I am back from Chicago too, and had a BLAST. By the way, it's there that I
learned about the location of the new digest, so I am back here too ;-)
I have a dramatic question: I was the Lunar General in Command in John
Medway's game, but had to transfer autority to one of my subcommander as
Inora the Ice maiden passed over Chicago, turning my 4 hours trip home into
a 7 hours ordeal... At my departure time, the valiant Red Army was about to
switch from a defending position to offensive, and the red phalanx,
firespears in hand, were about to attack the flank of the desorganized
What happend after that? Did the Red Moon give us victory ???
It better, or I know three generals that will soon have the pleasure of
taking a new command... somewhere in the Wastes.
Have all a nice day, and Hail to the red Goddess
General Fredazzur the red, Commander in Chief
Military district of Sartar
Aka Frederic moulin


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