Re: Steve is _not_ worried about creativity

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 15:59:17 EET

In Response to Stephen P Martin, who asks this:

> I am not requesting that everyone always cite all sources on the
> Digest. However, if a person asks for information on a specific
> subject, and someone else_answers_ that question with a large,
> authoritative post, I think it is only polite for that person to at
> least state that the material is theirs, and completely new.

I quote the bottom of each issue of the digest:

> RuneQuest is a trademark of Avalon Hill, and Glorantha is a
> trademark of Chaosium. With the exception of previously
> copyrighted material, unless specified otherwise all text in this
> digest is copyright by the author or authors...

What this means to me is that UNLESS specified otherwise, everything
on this digest is assumed to be pure invention, with absolutely no
claim to Staffordian provenance whatsoever. Since most of the
participants have no access to fabled RQ2 products such as the Cradle
Scenario, let alone the ear of Stafford himself, this is only as it
should be.

Since the default behavior on this digest is to make stuff up it's
considered redundant to ask posters to warn us when they make stuff
up, and instead we ask posters to warn us when they use authoritative
sources. Please, Steve, could you warn us when you intend to use an
authoritative source, since we're not expecting it? ;)



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