Truestone/The Block

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 22:59:31 EET

> Thus you might have a 1 point Truestone, a 7 point Truestone, a 23 point
> Truestone and so on, depending on how many points were pumped in
> when the stone was set. IMG, the SIZ of the stone is not important - a
> Truestone the size of a grain of sand might hold 107 points, another the size
> of 1967 Volkswagon Beetle might only hold 3.

I think an argument could be made that a piece of truestone could be broken off, and
MAYBE it would be clear. From what I understand, people REALLY want to run to the Block
and start chipping away...

> [Hmmm, a question: do people get an irresistable urge to cast all their
> divine magic into the Block, or has it already been 'set', and if so, by
> who?]

Well, wasn't it dropped on the Devil? Maybe he got all HIS spells sucked out of him?
Of course, I'm sure the local Storm Bulls don't want people running up and casting 23
points of "Destroy Reality" ;-)

> From: "Mike Mittmann" <>
> Date: 27 Jan 1997 08:36:48 -0800
> Subject: RQ Battle Program....
> I spoke to Alan LaVergne over the weekend, and he said:
> "Hmmm, oh that, well, it's six years old, and runs in DOS,
> and doesn't use the Pow*5 for spellcasting, or fatigue,
> or any of the RQ3 rules, probably they would do better
> to just write the program themselves"
> Then we went back to pounding a fence post into the ground.

Drat. Well, if he gets bored and wants to email it to me I'll name a major NPC after
him. Like I said before, I know WHAT I would program, but it's been too long and I
can't do it anymore. (Eh, back in my day....blah blah blah.) :-)


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