From: Lantis (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 00:27:38 EET

Apparently I *am* the only one on the list that thinks RQ3
Truestone rules are appalling. However, with this new insight
into Glorantha, we can deduce a few things:

Nobody at the Celestial Court used magic. After all, the Spike
would suck all the spells away.

Likewise, the inhabitants of the area near the Block don't bother
with rune spells either. After all, there is a .1% chance of being
struck by a grain of blank truestone sand each day (making a cumulative

yearly percentage chance of around 30%). That means all your magic
gets sucked away, and you are highly unlikely to ever find that
particular grain of sand.

Blank truestone is particularily prized by spys and assasins.
Put a single grain into food or drink, and the victim will lose
all their spells!

- -steve


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