GCON Chicago

From: Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 01:06:00 EET

Hey All!

Andrew managed to pull off a fun con despite lots of obstacles! The
attendance was a bit low, but that meant you could get into the events
you wanted to, and it was actually easier to talk to people.

HIghlights: Sing Along with Nick - Orlanthi lyrics and new tunes have
been added to the previous repetoire of dreary Soviet-turned-Lunar
songs, a big improvement! By late evening, when it was held, the
participants were plastered enough to complete (and enjoy!) all 97
verses of a Sartarite patriot song to the tune of "American Pie".
"Little Town of Blessed Torang" had to be sung twice, as the British use
a different tune for "Little Town of Bethlehem" than the Americans do.
 Maybe by July we'll have "Hark, the Shining Luxites Sing" ironed out...

I played Cuthulu with Sandy, and found myself engaged in a plot far more
horrific than any I'd ever encountered in Glorantha!

The Reaching Moon Megacorp "Tarsh War" supplement made it's debut, to
wild acclaim for both content and production value. Greg sent along a
six (?) page handout on horses in Genertela and the Lunar Empire, which
was available to all.

By the way, the word from David Hall in the "Meet the MegaCorp" seminar
was SEND IN MATERIAL TO TALES! It needn't be orthodox, just good. And
if you're not sure it's good enough, send it in anyway, because the
Tales crew might help you sort it out. They have gotten very few
submissions from the general RQ/Gloranthan public, and want to change

 Nick and Chris Gidlow revealed in their "Lunar Seminar" that they soon
hope to publish a "life on a typical block in a Lunar city" supplement.
They hooked me with the "friendly old mongrel dog named 'Sheng' who
hangs out on the doorstep" bit. Can't wait!

Jeff and Neil's "Farmer LARP" went well - with much sideswitching,
cattle raiding, and shouting of impassioned speeches. My favorite part
was the way the players solved the delemna of shouting matches at moots
- - in true Orlanthi democratic style, the right to speak was gained by
holding a beer bottle on high! A bigger, longer, bloodier Farmer Larp
will be held this summer in Victoria. Be there!

In general, hospitality befitting of Orlanth was shown by all. The beer
flowed like coffee! Which was good, because my only complaint is that
there was no coffee available at the con. Oh, sure, you could buy a
tiny cup of dishwater at the hotel restaurant, but there were no lattes.
 The horror....

Here's to all the friends we see only at cons - (slugs back last of
latte foam) - see you all here in July!



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