Stormbulls, initiating & fooling

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 01:54:46 EET

Arf (?) writes:
>whom would the SB lose his ear to? Would he have to fight a chaos foe,
>lose the ear, nearly die, and be healed by an Eiritha priestess before
>whacking the foe and retreating? At this point, the Initiation begins to
>me to sound like a heroquest. Or perhaps that's the way Initiaion should
Hmmm. The problem with dragging in a chaos foe is that (being chaos)
occasionally the chaos foe is going to end up scragging your new
initiates. "Sir! Sir! All the new initiates just died from Wasting
Disease!" "What?! Again!" Yeah, you could try to be careful and only bring
in a cleansed, non-diseased chaos foe that could easily be slain, but...
... instead, especially in Barbarian societies, why not just have a
Stormbull _playing_ the part of Chaos? Wear a goat mask, maybe, and a
hide. Or something of similar inventive nature.

David Weihe writes:
:The only reason to care about the difference is if you (or your friendly
:neighborhood Trickster) is trying to disrupt the unit going into whatever
:it goes. With Uroxi, one must stop nearly every member individually;
:with Shargashi, you only have to disrupt the one ceremony (say, by
:throwing a few beehives
Heck, Stormbulls are _easy_ to distract! Any good Eurmali has that famous
spell, "Illusion of Big-Ass, Giant Broo." Ya just cast it off on the side
of the battle, and they charge right over.
'Course, if they happen to be fighting something even _more_
obviously chaotic, they might not notice it...

James Frusetta


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