Shargash Smash!

From: D. Pearton (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 03:13:13 EET

> From: "Daniel McCluskey (Volt Comp)" <>
> What IS the connection between Shargash and Zorak Zoran??????

Shargash want Smash!!!!!!!
- -Anoymous Shargashi retainer (house Urash-Mallek)

What! The miserable peasant compares the pure and holy destructiveness of
Shargash to a foul Dijijelm! <Ominous tapping of maces, pollo mallets,
etc> Into the enclosure with him lads...
- -Vrantharus Urashmallek
(Apologies to Martin Laurie)

Hmmph. Obviouly one of those twisted and deluded moonie types. Everyone
knows that the true form of Shargash is the glorious red planet, which
rises in the 22nd quadrant, of the 3rd house....[2 pages of astronomical
ramblings deleted]. Whereas the sign of the Dijijelm known as the Eater
only appeared in a presagement of the doom conjunction first being noticed
in quadrant... [ yet another 3 pages of speculative ramblings cut].

The ignorant Danielus of the bastard house of Clusky (No doubt of new,
lunar stock) will be amoungt the first to be purified when the Revolution

- -Manlivarus Urash-Mallek
(Buserie and Shargashi)

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Dave Pearton
They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care; +
     They pursued it with forks and hope; +
They threatened its life with a railway-share; +
     They charmed it with smiles and soap. +
"The Hunting of the Snark" Lewis Carroll +


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