The Big Red One

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Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 02:17:00 EET

Gee, I leave town for three days and come back to find my campaign
spread all over the digest!

Thanks, guys, for saying that it's good. I think it's good because all
I have to do is some up with a simple little plot, like "characters
venture into countryside to visit ancestral shrine", sit back, and watch
you all ham it up with cheesy overacting and demented ravings.
I am now certain that Shargash does impart an aura of subtle violence to
all his children, because Manliarvus, Dave Pearton's cadaverous and
sallow Buserian initiate, is far better known for his accusatory cry
"first against the wall when the revolution comes!", than he is for
imparting any celestial wisdom. That is MGF.

As for the nature of the Shargash & Yelm cults, my model is based on our
(Northwesterners + Dennis Hoover) interpretations of GRoY and FS, as
well as some ideas from Greg, which actually might be mostly applicable
to the Second Age. It's our model, and is in no way official. So much
for the discalimer.

I talked with Rob Heinsoo at Chicago, and he said that Greg is working
on a lot of Lunar/Pelorian material now. I pointed out how frustrating
it is to play without being able to write up a cult that will gel with
the future rules, because there are no rules. He aknowledged this, and
agreed that we are basically stuck. SO - I say, go ahead and write up
your own Yelm/Shargash/Lodril cults if you need them. They will be
Gregged, but then again, maybe not as much as you think, especially if
you use GRoY & FS. Share them if you like. But realize there will be
lots of different versions.

FWIW, I use Yelm Imperaturs as true RuneLord/Priests of Yelm, and likely
they are initiates of the Red Goddess, too. They are heads of families
or parts of families, and rule with a peculiar Dara Happan blend of
indulgence and brutality. My PC's fear their Imperatur, Uncle

Thomastus, (or "Big Tom"), more than any savage barbarian, Lunar demon,
or Imperial spy. Thomastus is Imperatur because he had the skill and
the will to beat out his brothers and cousins, (mostly Sun Lords
themselves), for the position. If the PC's were to ever go before Big
Tom's boss, the High Imperator Urashzagam, they would likely need a toga

I use the printed Yelmic "subcults" of Saggitus and Hetasus, or whover,
as localized godlets who are associated with the sky. They may be
called on by soldiers, or even revered by groups of men or special
military units. But a soldier worshipping Saggitus to become a better
archer is not required to be decended from Yelm. There are over 100
deities in the DH pantheon, nearly 1/2 of whom are somehow related to
Yelm! But in my Dara Happa, actual Yelm initiates are relatively few.

Your Glorantha may vary.



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