Glorantha Con IV

From: Neil Robinson (
Date: Tue 28 Jan 1997 - 22:24:25 EET

I would like to add my thanks to Andrew Joelson and his supporters
for putting on a very fun Con. As I am slowing coming to the
 realization myself, setting up a Con is no easy task.

Some of my highlights were:
- - Watching Penorri, chief of the Vostangi clan, prove the old adage
that holding power is far harder than getting power. Jeff Richard's
"The Tale of Orkarl's Bull" was great fun to run. I honestly think
he and I enjoyed it more than the players.

- - Playing Speed 'Into the Praxian Wasteland'. IMHO, David Dunham won
the 'lewdest line' competition.

- - Leading an Agamori counter-charge that turned a Orlanthi rout into
a shallow Lunar victory. John Medway and Rob Smith has developed
some really nice wargame rules for Glorantha.

But the best part of the Con was just meeting all the great people
from the digest again.

And now back to de-lurking so I can get the Glorantha Con V
registration form sent out in the next two weeks or so.... Volunteers
anyone? :-)

Hope to see you in Victoria!


Neil Robinson Glorantha-Con V net rep. July 25-27 1997 Come visit our web site!
Seattle, WA USA


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