Darksense "spectrum"

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 05:16:33 EET

        Back in the fall there was some discussion about how Gloranthans
see colors -- leading to my suggestion that the Uz have a texture
"spectrum." After playing around with this, I'd throw out the following
for your criticisms/suggestions... any sonar specialists out there?

        Primary "textures" might include the following:

Tagtagso (Wet)
        Darksense can penetrate water, but the return is quite
different. An object a troll refers to as wet was usually perceived
through a substantial amount of water; this includes the bottom of Skyfall
Lake (where perceivable) or the bottom of a creekbed. Objects seen in the
rain are sometimes called wet, sometimes "fuzzy." I suspect that Sea
Trolls, in turn, have a similar word for "dry."

Tagdarso (Slick)
        Refers to smooth objects where the sonar ring is
slightly defracted off to one side: this includes objects with a film of
water (but which dont have enough water to be called wet). Sometimes, in
some contexts, also to extremely smooth objects, usually artificial in
nature. A leaf with a very thin layer of water, a metal plate or very
smooth beetle chitin might all be slick.

Darso (Smooth)
        A relatively smooth object. A slab of stone might be
slick, or a piece of lead armor.

Engoso (Rough)
        An object where Darksense returns are somewhat mixed
because of minor variations in texture or surface angle. Trolls
individually often discriminate further how rough an object is, by calling
it very rough, a little rough, etc.

Gogoso (Fuzzy)
        Objects where Darksense returns an extremely distorted
picture of surface texture, because individual returning signals are so
mixed. Examples might include rough wool, ungroomed fur and rough water.

Roso (Bendy)
        Indicating that an object is sensed as it reflects off
another object; any reflected object (such as sensing around a corner).

Orso (Sticky)
        Not necessarily sticky in the sense of touch -- Trolls use
this to refer to surfaces which dont return all the sonar waves sent at
them. Many magical items and called such, as are caves too deep to return
a sonar echo.

Nedaso (Hollow)
        "Only partly there," indicating that the item is not
giving back a full sonar ring -- that it is hollow.

Neso (Gone)
        Not there: not giving a sonar image, although it
may visually appear to the troll. Used to denote objects which are too
far to give a sonar reading, rather than objects which are close enough
(sticky) but dont give a full image. The trolls often joke that even
though they know the Red Moon is neso, they wish it really was.

        There are also many secondary textures. Common objects may be
used for comparison. During recent feuding between the uz and the bison
riders it became quite fashionable among trolls to refer to things as
being textured like a bison's hide.
        Frex, I'm _not_ sure how different _materials_ might
work into this. Since trolls can use darksense to tell, say, bronze from
iron, I'm not sure that'd play a part as well. I'd think not, since these
can have many different textures, but...

I'd love some input on this, natch!

James Frusetta


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