Runes... Gorgorma and Lodril's

From: Horace (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 07:20:32 EET

Hello runic Gloranthaphiles and Gloranthamaniacs. I've been assembling
all the information I can find about the runes associated with RuneQuest
and Glorantha. As I learn more about the world of Glorantha, the more
questions I have - surprised? Runes (the Elements, Powers, Forms, and
sometimes named Conditions) lead me to a few of those questions
(alright, quite a few):

What is the nature of a Condition rune? According to the RQ II rules,
Mastery, Magic, and Infinity are Condition runes. Are there others? Are
Condition runes now included as Form runes in RQ III?

What is the power associated with "owning" a rune (i.e. double rune)?
Supposedly this means the god/goddess "rules" the rune. Does this mean
that other gods/goddesses associated with this rune get their power from
the owner of the rune?

As a follower of the god/goddess, what does the power of the rune give
you? Obviously, it shows the runic association you have with equivalent
god and serves as identification. But runes are the source (or matter)
too - so is there power just in their appearance? Is it this that is the
main focus needed for casting certain spells? What else?

Also, there are a few runes I haven't been able to nail down... Gorgorma
and Lodril have runes perculiar to themselves. I assume the Lodril rune
is a sub-form of fire/heat, is that right? Gorgorma's is more mysterious
- - the solid horizontal line through the sphere of darkness. As an enemy
of Yelm, darkness makes sense, but what is the line? I think I remember

seeing some bits on Gorgorma recently on the digest, but I can't
remember where or what? Is there more information on this dark goddess?

Does anyone know of or have a complete list of all known (published?)
runes, their powers, and the gods associated with them? Or know of such
a site on the Internet?

And, finally, I plead to those who "own" the runes associated with
Windows-PCs to send me the rune font that is supposed to be available at
Berkeley (which seems to have been taken over by Mostal and tattooed
with his Stasis rune).

Enough RuneQuestions?

Thanks - Joie


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