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Well, the version I have _does_ use RQ3 rules to some extent, I haven't
examined it closely. So, it is possible that it does what people seem to
want. Did you happen to ask Alan whether he _minded_ if the program was

King of Sartar

Last I heard (6 months ago?), Chaosium had gotten some of these back in
stock. Don't know if they are still there, but...

BTW, if anyone is interested, right after King of Sartar went out I made
a long list of additions which were needed for the Index. If people are
interested, I could post this to the Digest.

Notes from Notchet

These are great, really, I don't mean to complain. But, how many times do
we have to be told that Uleria position #769 is the same as #146, except
that the goat need not be domesticated?

Star Madness, Peter Metcalf, #127

OK, I see your point -- I had misunderstood what you meant. I can accept
that some Malkioni named the Pole Star Zrethus (or something, anyways),
then local barbarians, apostate Malkioni who started worshiping gods,
etc., would develop a cult around (misunderstandings of) the pure and
numerically-derived truths which the Malkioni determined about that star
(or mountain or ocean or etc.).

Truestone in the Block

Sure, the Block has been set. And not just by truestone -- the myths
state that all of the world which was left, Fire and Ice, Air and Earth,
aided Storm Bull against the Devil. So, if the Block is NOT filled with
pure chaos magics from the Devil, it can be filled with just about any
Divine Spell imaginable.

I like V.S. Green's suggestion that pieces above a certain size cannot be
'set'. This would easily explain why the chunks which fall off the Block
are blank.


Simon Phipp brings up the size of the baby in the Cradle as suggesting
that the lesser and elder giants are different. I look at it this way.
Gonn Orta has been growing all his life. I assume most other giants do as
well. So, when Gonn Orta is 16m tall, his baby is 2-3m long. If Gonn Orta
is 160m tall, it stands to reason that his baby would be 20-30m long. I
imagine the hardest part about giant reproduction is finding a giant of
the opposite sex (maybe) who is of about the same height as you
(definitely). All this makes me wonder who that baby's mama is! Who says
Gonn Orta is 1000% bigger than _all_ other giants. What are all those
mountains around him -- giants! Surely one of the smaller ones would do.

Gee, this all reminds me of a discussion in Dragon Magazine about 20
years ago, wondering how a Pixie and Storm Giant could have a kid so some
wannabee could have a Monty Haul race....

Dara Happan Magic

As to whether or not tribal magic plays an important part in Dara Happan
and/or all Gloranthan cultures. While I think tribal magic plays a big
part in all Gloranthan cultures (well, most anyways), Greg once suggested
to Eric Rowe and myself that the Dara Happan form of magic is different
than Orlanthi, frex, because of how ritual and ceremony oriented it is.

Worshiping Yuthuppa

As to whether or not "Yuthu" exists, I note that "The Perfect Sky" says
that the star named Evandal is said to be Yuthuppa's Mother. GRoy
(Ivory), pg. 54. Now, if Yuthuppa is simply the name of the city, how can
Evandal be its mother? Personally, I prefer thinking of Yuthu as
Buserian's name as the city god, just as Shargash is called Alkor when he
is the city protector of Alkoth.

David Weihe and Lead Crosses, #129

No need to apologize about the confusion -- I should have made the
connection between "Plunder" the book and "Plunder" the article (which I
assume was planned as a continuing feature which never continued), and
suggested that as the source of the dispute. I was just worried that
there were _two_ editions of Plunder out there, and now Shannon would
have to find a copy of the other one to buy.

Bachelet Sale Offer

Quibbles over the illegality of some of the items being sold aside (as I
have traded photocopies in the past), the French items in particular are
well worth it. Even if you can't buy French. I have Les Dieux de
Glorantha, Les Monts Arc en Siel (Apple Lane), and Les Guerrieurs de
Soleil (Sun County), and they are gorgeous. The map in the French
Genertela puts anything English-language version of RQ (any of the
supplements, old or new) to shame. I also note that the French Apple Lane
seems to have a section added, which is not in the original. Only a few
pages, but someone who can translate French might be able to use it.

I note that part of the problem with the French (and presumably other
language) licenses was the contracting with AH. As I understand it, even
if the French create and produce a completely original RQ supplement,
they are required to pay royalties to Avalon Hill when they publish.
Coupled with the fact that AH regularly sent one (1) copy only of each
supplement to the French, from which they were supposed to have multiple
people work, you can see why little original RQ stuff originated out of
country. I think the Japanese published a lot of new stuff, though I
don't know if this is because they were willing to spend the money, or
had a different contract. MOB, can you give more details?

Galanini Myth

I hasten to add that the myth Dave Dunham refers to in #130 came from the
original draft of Dorastor: Land of Doom, by Sandy Petersen, which in
turn was based on an even older version in Greg's original Dorastor
folder, which was recently recovered from Ken Kaufer.

Michael Cule, #130

Ducks as Jews seem very appropriate to me. I note that the Stone Nest
which Sartar made for them was never used, and sat empty until it was
destroyed by the Lunars. I don't know if it fits Jewish history (though
Duck Tower as the lost Temple of Solomon?), but it seems to fit the

Loren Miller

Hey, was I supposed to read that blurb at the bottom of the Digest? I
thought it was standard fine print, and so didn't bother.

Seriously, I see your point, and I agree with it to an extent. But I also
think that Jane Williams made a good point as well, and for better
reasons than I did. So, I will continue to cite my sources, and grumble
(to myself alone) when others do not. Thanks for putting the whole
discussion into perspective.

Truestone, again

Celestial Court not losing magic -- um, wasn't the Spike made of adamant,
rather than truestone? That would make a big difference. I guess we could
also posit a certain minimum density required. Or, better yet -- Quantum
Truestones! By the definition of the Laws of Reality, Truestone can only
exist in set quanta of mass. No matter the attempt, it is impossible to
get a truestone with a mass of anything more or less than variable 'x'
times a set mass quanta of 'm'. Set 'm' high enough, and that dratted
truestone dust problem disappears.

Storm Bull Initiation

James Frusetta suggests having a Storm Bull play the part of the chaos
foe in the Storm Bull initiation. I think instead that the Storm Bulls
might take a cue from Rurik the Runelord, and grab some passing pilgrims
to fill this role. No loss to the cult if they die, and not much chance
that anyone else will. Unless you grab that Sword Sage by mistake, always
check them for weapons first.

Paul Heinz on Carmanian War God

So, Carmanians worship "Humakt" and "Zorak Zoran" both? Sounds plausible
to me. Makes me wonder if the Yanafal Ta'arnils cult isn't also somewhat
dualistic as well. Any Lunar Moonie out there want to answer that?

Well, that's it. Six digests, and I can't even use the con (which I am
sorry to have missed) as an excuse.

Stephen Martin
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