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Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 10:43:45 EET

Call me an old fuddy-duddy who plays by the rules, but I like the
description as given on pp 41-42 of Elder Secrets, plus Cults of Prax bit

about Biturian tracking spell use as the healer cast them. Briefly:

        Find a blank? Know Rune Magic - resist compulsion or fill stone.
Once filling stops, stone is set to those spells cast into it. "A fabled
cleansing ritual is remembered in story, but not in practice."

        No magic, or resist the compulsion? Find a group of priests, and
get them to fill it. "Only as many priests as can touch the stone at the
same time can cast their magic into it" so size *does* count in some

        Once a priest casts a spell into the stone, the spell cannot be
regained until cast from the stone.

One from me, for which I can find no evidence off-hand:
        One-use spells can also be set into the stone. The priest
permanently loses that spell, and must resacrifice for it. If cast from the
Truestone, only the same one-use spell may take its place, again a
permanent loss for the casting priest.

These seem to work well in practice. It gives the stones more character
than if they were just a repository for "x" rune points (which they were in
RQ2). They are slightly less predictable, in that a small stone may hold
more than a large stone, and any stone may hold one point of RM or 10s or
even 100s of points.

The "use before regaining" rule means that only one 'spell licence' is
issued - no spell piracy or "something for nothings" as people bang 12
points of Shield into the stone then regain that 12 points to use, for a
total of 24. It also makes PCs more leary of filling stones as a cult duty.

The "set in stone" nature means you can give players access to other cult's
spells, and gives you more plot options. Do the PCs return a stone to the
cult it originated from? Sell it to the cult's foes? "Reservoir" style
truestones are worth the same to all cults - "Set" stones have different
values, dependent on the buyer.

It all adds up to more control for me as the GM, and MGF for my players. YMMV.


ObTenuousConnection: Reservoir looked (still looks) as though the spelling
was wrong, so I looked it up in the dictionary, which magically opened at
"spike" (cue Twilight Zone music...). The next time you describe the
Stormbull encampment at the Block, that remnant of the Cosmic Spike,
remember that...

        spike...<definitions snipped>... 5. Brit sl., another word for dosshouse
        dosshouse n. Brit. sl., a cheap lodging house, especially one used
by tramps.

Just don't tell the Stormbullies!


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