the block

From: mr happy (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 12:58:52 EET

> Several theories were suggested about whether and why the Block sucks
> your Divine Magic away: it was set by contact with the Devil
> (chaostone?), by contact with Urox, it is not set, etc..
> Nice theories. But I am afraid that none of them is quite correct. The
> point is that we do not know the truth about the Block, and the Uroxi
> guard it to prevent anybody from discovering more, too. So anything we
> can say is doomed to remain an hypothesis forever.

Think about it. The Devil is stuck under (i.e. in contact with) the
Block. If you cast your Divine Magic into it then it can use it. I
suspect that this would be an even better way to help it than chipping
bits off.

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Andrew Behan


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