metal and truestone

From: James Turner (
Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 12:53:56 EET

>Apparently I *am* the only one on the list that thinks RQ3
>Truestone rules are appalling.

No not the only one.
What was wrong with the RQ2 version?

Back in RQ2 Glorantha was described as analogous to a bronze age world.
Weapons and armour were made out of bronze hence the low AP and weapon
breakage (which no one used). Iron was reserved for Runelords and had
to be enchanted in an undescribed way.
Then RQ3 came out and was modeled to a medieval world where the weapons
and armour were steel. I presumed this accounted for the rise in AP and
the huge increase in cost for the metal armour. Now in the presently
described Glorantha what does everyone run around in?

>From GCotHW you get the impression that in the west everyone has
medieval style armour but unenchanted iron stops magic which means all

those knights are running around in full suits of enchanted iron!
Lunars and People from Pavis, Dragon Pass still have bronze I guess as
they are lifted from RQ2.
This makes the RQ3 price list for armour a bit strange. As far as I can
tell 1 lunar = 1 penny. This makes the prices for weapons almost the
same in RQ2/RQ3. Armour prices start out the same for the low AP's but
the metal armour prices are vastly different. While this makes sense
for a medieval culture where a full suit of plate did indeed cost a
fortune. For people armoured like Greeks and Romans in makes less sense.

On a side point, is there any info about Invisible Orlanth around?



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