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Loren Miller/120

> This was one of my mental blocks when writing up my carmanian
> material. How would a dualistic cult work? Would it be some form of
> These things are Forbidden in some circumstances and Mandatory in
> others? For instance.

    Never ambush during the summer, and ambush at least one enemy in
    the winter.

> I'd love to see what other people have to think about this.

        Well, no one seems to have commented on this, so I will. I
think that Humakt would npt be dualistic in and of himself. He think
it would be more likely that he was dualistic with another god/goddess:
a) Humakt(os) God of Truth & Honor is the great enemy of a Trickster
    God, (Lokios perhaps?). Not a funny trickster; a scummy, no-good
b) Humakiol, God of Death and Endings is wed to Brola (?) the Earth
    Goddess, Patroness of Fertility and Beginings. This would be an
    'opposites attract' sort of thing; Yin & Yang.

        I am suggesting this, not positing it. I will accept either
ideal, if someone will go to the trouble of workinging out all the details.


Digest 125/128
>> [Hmmm, a question: do people get an irresistable urge to cast all their
>> divine magic into the Block, or has it already been 'set', and if so, by
>> who?]

> Yep, that's why anyone touching the Block 'loses' all their magic - actually
> they cast it into the Block. Of course it has been set! Glorious Stormbull,
> by using it to fold, spindle and mutilate the Devil (TM) set it in its current
> position :-)

        Actually, the Devil is down there somewhere underneath, sucking in
all the magic _through_ the Block. (Ugly things come from Down Under!)
When he get's enough, he's finally going to push the Bock aside and resume
the GodsWar. I know that the Deviul using a fragment of the Spike as a tool
is a contradiction, but that's what Chaos is all about.....


> The player concerned has a Storm Bull character, and one thing we came up
> with is that as a part of the ceremony, the Initiate has one ear torn off
> (as per SB's battle with the devil described in CoP).

        I would think that you are overdoing it. Making a ritual cut in
the ear should be enough for initiation. Or perhaps for the celebration
after acheiving Rune Level. Remember that things should escalate; save
the big stuff like 'ear ripped off fighting chaos' for HeroQuests.

        And I believe there are twenty Lunars to a Wheel...

> Will there ever be a Glorantha Convention in California?

        RQ II was in San Francisco in '95. Maybe you should set up a
committee to run the con in '99?

Maybe tommorrow I'll get around to a "Chairman's Review" of GC IV.


Drink Orlanth-Cola!


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