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Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 17:51:27 EET

Arf speculates on Storm Bull initiation...
> Would he have to fight a chaos foe, lose the ear, nearly die.

Absolutely !
After fighting the chaos foe, the ear could be removed as a sign of successful
The chaos foe would not have to remove the ear, neither must the initiate
nearly die, however
he must have a chance to die and sometimes prospective initiates do die!

> At this point, the Initiation begins to me to sound like a heroquest.
> Or perhaps that's the way Initiation should be

You've got it right.
Initiation IS a heroquest. It sets you apart from others and introduces you to
inner secrets.
In the case of a SB initiation, you learn what chaos "looks & feels" like, and
the joy of slaying it!
A minor heroquest, but the first step required to follow the path of your
chosen God.
Anything less than this wouldn't really be an initiation. IMO (of course)

Paul Harmaty
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