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Date: Wed 29 Jan 1997 - 13:59:34 EET

"Paul Heinz" <> writes:
> Well, just to add fuel to the fire, a while back Neil Robinson and I
> were wondering about Carmanian Humakti at one point and we wondered
> if the Carmanian war god (whatever his name really is) might have a
> light aspect and a dark aspect.
> The light aspect is an honourable soldiers god, offering Morale,
> Truesword, etc and the dark aspect is a cruel killers god offering
> Berzerk, Crush, etc. with an tendency towards committing atrocities.

This (Carmanian Humakt=Humakt plus ZZ) is exactly what I had been
doing for the Humakt cult for players in my campaign, but I was
unhappy with it because of the obvious problems with finding a mythic
background for the cult that makes any sense at all. I really, no I
mean **REALLY**, didn't want to make up an entirely new set of
dualistic myths for the Carmanians with the knowledge that GS was at
that very moment making up a completely incompatible set of myths
that would force me to scuttle my own. I still find that prospect
less than encouraging.

> This might fit in with Loren's idea for encouraging Carmanian
> 'contrariness' in terms of similar dualistic behaviour.

I'm still waiting for someone to come up with the spark that lights
the flame of our understanding of Carmanian Dualism.

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